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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

hays hays HEYS. okay, anyways... HEY THAT RHYMES. THIS IS MY FIRST TIME! OMG THAT RHYMES TOO! I DIDNT EVEN HAVE A CLUE!. okay, i know i'm lame. but realy u shuld try this game. (: lol.

ok.. anw.. todY was a BORING LONG day. chem was boring, math was boring, mt was boring as usual. the only thing that was SLIGHTY cool was going back .nanda got onto the same bus S US and she acted like AUNTIE. and FILZAH sent me SIMS 3! TYYYY!! omgsh, idk why i am so super lame today. nvm , i'm gonna close.

toodles, chandreye

chandreyee posted at:5:28 PM

Sunday, March 21, 2010

HAHA! going to DENISE house later! YAY! omg she lives in a big terrace. rich manx. $$$ haha. "we have a mutual fren, tell me who u are. okay SUPERSHORT post!


chandreyee posted at:4:10 PM

my room is a messs.
Saturday, March 20, 2010

damnit. my room is damn messy after those rioters syahirah and donna and nicolle left. ): but it as fun! haha.. i lazy post anymore... so go FB and check out our VIDs!

chandreyee posted at:6:10 PM


FEATURING : algernon DONNA YIP SI YUAN!! at my house!!! haha... she came here for project.. but end up SLACKING. haha!!


chandreyee posted at:1:41 PM

Boredom... caused me to do this. ((:

DENISE is BACK! yay! i guess taiwan rocked for her.... but anyway... she is back in sing, last night actully, and MAYBE coming to my house later! sooo... ya and syahirah, donna and nicolle are coming! YAYs! lols... anw, this is denise:

cute right?? haha.... this was taken during LJ week! (: shoooo cuuuttteeee. :z okayy i'm acting super lame today!! so now i'm stuck in MACS with my dad. ): awww... booohhhooooos.. oky bye bye before i BORE you to DEATH...

chandreyee posted at:10:43 AM

this is called no life.
Friday, March 19, 2010

haha... can you believe that the my mum's BESTFRIEND came to our house today with her whiney baby. irritating man, the baby kept disturbing me while i tied to watch peter pan. my gos peter pan is soooo HOT. i like him like alot. ((: i wonder why not all movies are like peter pan. romance action suspense and ROMANCE!

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chandreyee posted at:9:21 PM

Today was a fairy tale. NOT.

today was a fairy tale, i was a mugger, you gave me a pile of homework. i want to shit on ur face as soon as i can, please give me a chance. time slows dooooowwwn, whenevr i do HW.... can you feel the stress in the air, it must've been the hw shitty. got very angry when i saw hw sitting there, it mst've been the... today was a fairy taaaalllle. like shit manxx. (:

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chandreyee posted at:4:27 PM